26 April 2008 @ 07:17 pm
BSG - 'Escape Velocity'  
I liked this one. Could have used more Starbuck and/or Viper space battles, but couldn't everything?

Okay, I lied. I think I'm the only one enjoying Baltar's little Manson turn, so I'll keep it short. His storyline is a little fascinating, apocalyptic skeevy messiahood and all. I get more Head!Six and possibly Head!Baltar, so I'm good. Tory is so going to be his Judas, and I look forward to that immensely. Head!Six knows this already - did you see that look she shot Tory at the Already Perfect sermon?

I started out the episode all bitter BoomerFan. "Cheer up, Chief! You can move on with Tory. That is your thing you do with the women who kill your lovers." I got a little closure from his drunken bar rant at Adama. Which didn't really help me like him any better, because, Dude! I didn't like Cally much either, but *you* chose to marry her. STFU at this late date and go take care of your son. Everyone on the ship is in the same... boat about limited life options. And you have some company in your Suddenly Cylon angst. You've even got a support group going! Sorry you're having a hard time adjusting to machinehood, but at least you got a groovy earworm out of it. I never get the Dylan.

Ellen Tigh! Who woulda thought I'd be this pleased to see you again! I'm still touched by your all tarnished nobleness there at the end on New Caprica. Hoping you'll stay on as Tigh's Head!Manifestation of Whatever. Just do something with the hair - platinum isn't your shade, girl.

Tigh himself was rather awesome, in his Tigh-ly way. Loved what he said to Tyrol at the SCSG meeting, especially the "it's human" part. It was sorta graceful and lovely, full of regret and loss. Course, he had to throw a little sandpaper in there at the end. He's Saul, after all.

OMG, I am apparently some sort of latent Tigh fan. I think I might be okay with this.

Hate Roslin's wig. Not dealing with why she is wearing it just now. The little scene between Herself and the Admiral about finishing that book... *sniff*

I'm really pleased with the writing on BSG this year. I was convinced it had peaked after the second season and would end the run in a ridiculous, senseless burning heap.

So *very* happy to be wrong.
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[info]winterfish on April 27th, 2008 01:46 am (UTC)
Could have used more Starbuck and/or Viper space battles, but couldn't everything?

Hee! That's a great big yes. :D

I really hope Ellen stays around haunting Tigh. I've really come to like Tigh the old bastard. Keep the eye patch on, though, Tigh, 'cause that blank eye...*shudders*

Roslin/Adama/book = OT3! \o/

I'm a bit up and down about the season so far, but I really, really want to know how it all ends up. If this were a book, I'd be skipping to the end, and then going back to read the whole thing. ^_^
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chrome327: BSG - Tigh[info]chrome327 on April 27th, 2008 03:21 pm (UTC)
Plus - I miss Gaeta snarking around at people. No Kara, no Demetrius, no Gaeta. Rectify this situation, RDM!

More Ellen could be a great point to hang Tigh's story from, too. Their bond was maybe the best part of both of them, and Head!Ellen could be the only thing that sways him away from his old identity and sense of duty to the Fleet. He needs her forgiveness so badly.

Yep to the patch. Please? I get the whole Centurion/Raider/single eye thing, BSG. Don't show me the socket again for a while.

*sniffle* The OT3 makes me well up around the tear ducts.

I get that - I bailed last season after That Boxing Episode, since Oz taught me that when that shows up on your screen, a trainload of suck is right behind. Now I'm trying to catch up on the plot stuff I missed out on. I jus really love that the show is back to telling the story that originally hooked me, and not awash in Kara/Lee truwuv melodrama.
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me[info]thymindmaymove on April 27th, 2008 05:19 am (UTC)
I. Love. This. Show. That is all. I love it so, so much.
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chrome327: BSG - Starbuck cardgame[info]chrome327 on April 27th, 2008 02:45 pm (UTC)
So much Good Stuff! *And* an unexpected return from a major slump. Keep it coming, Show!
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