17 April 2008 @ 01:59 pm
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The Collapse Of The National Press - Daily Kos

After the first forty minutes of last night's Democratic debate, it was clear we were watching something historic. Not historic in a good way, mind you, but historic in the sense of being something so deeply embarrassing to the nation that it will be pointed to, in future books and documentary works, as a prime example of the collapse of the American media into utter and complete substanceless, into self-celebrated vapidity, and into a now-complete inability or unwillingness to cover the most important affairs of the nation to any but the most shallow of depths.

Feel like voicing your opinion on last night's debate sham? Join the 14,980 comments on ABC's website.

And the crowd goes WTactualF? Relive the boos & hisses, courtesy crooksandliars.com

ABC? Thanks for letting the public know just how stupid you think we are. Nice job.
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