28 March 2008 @ 11:45 am
Warning! Little to no content included  
- GIP! Further proof that Barack Obama has amazing outreach skills - I am now sporting a BOO!Sox icon. Can NOT tell my father, as he is still mad I owned a Ford product 10 years ago.

- Astonishing Scarf of Rassilon from [info]crafty_tardis on LJ makes me wish I could knit. Imagine the villains Four could best with a weapon of that calibre! Whole Dalek armies taken out, and then the Time War might never have happened.

- [info]parrotfish linked the X-Files trailer on YouTube, and I squeed like it was 1999. It's been TOSed already dammit, but it'll be back.

- MLB Extra Innings purchased, thanks to extra shift at the second job. Hello, tons of baseball on my TV!

- The tourist/snowbird season is ending here, and I'm pretty thrilled to be dropping back down to a 50 hr workweek. For I am, at heart, a lazy girl, and look forward to indulging that nature. One more shift tonight at the restaurant, and I have two whole days off in a row. Napping is planned, with followup naps.

- Have the OH DAMN box of stuff packed for the upcoming hurricane season. Extra heavy this year with new MagLites and batteries of all cells. Packed and unliftable! All set!

- Am a little devastated the deli was out of Manhattan Espresso sodas this AM.
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