24 June 2008 @ 10:07 am
Year of the Tiger - 40th Anniversary  

Details from Bilfer -
On Tuesday, the first 10,000 fans in attendance will receive a commemorative 1968 Tigers 40th Anniversary replica road jersey, courtesy of FSN Detroit and the Detroit Medical Center.

Fans will have an opportunity to meet their favorite 1968 Tigers, as members of the team will be signing autographs on the main concourse behind sections 125, 140 and 151 as well as the 300 level concourse behind section 324 from 5:00-6:00 p.m. Players and coaches scheduled to attend include: Jim Price, Gates Brown, Willie Horton, Al Kaline, Wayne Comer, Bill Freehan, John Hiller, Mickey Lolich, Tom Matchick, Dick McAuliffe, Denny McLain, Daryl Patterson, Mickey Stanley, Dick Tracewski, Jon Warden, Don Wert, Hal Naragon and Bill Behm.

The tribute will continue with a special “Year of the Tiger 1968” video feature on the scoreboard. The video will be followed by an on-field, pre-game ceremony to recognize the members of the 1968 team. In addition to all of the pre-game festivities, one member of the 1968 team will throw the ceremonial first pitch.

SO VERY MAD I AM NOT BACK HOME! Because this sounds like massive fun.

Denny McLain is not even in jail for this one.

Bet McCarver won't be in attendance. Poor Tim - no commemorative jersey for you.
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04 June 2008 @ 09:00 am
"This is our moment. This is our time."  

"It's a new day in America. - Chrisitne Pelosi

17,000 supporters inside the St. Paul Xcel Center, 15,000 more outside, by the Fire Marshall's estimate.

Al Rodgers with caps of the headlines from around the world over at D_Kos.
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14 May 2008 @ 10:54 am
Willie Horton picspam  
So here's what I did with my LOLconomic Stimulus check -

Bush Sr? You will always suck beyond measure for turning the name into a hand grenade. Getting Tigers memorabilia with your son's placebo bucks feels kinda good.

It was fun watching my boss swallow his tongue when I answered back some snide comment with -

"Willie HORTON? Yay! Childhood hero!"

'If you make me come out there, I can move you like a mountain.' )

With Gates Brown in 1969 )

#4 on the Tigers all-time Homerun hitters )

First pitch of the 2006 World Series with Al Kaline )

Legends Wall )

Statue at Comerica Park )

House Bill 5200 signed into law, 2004 -

October 18 is Willie Horton Day in the state of Michigan.
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08 May 2008 @ 09:32 am
My Photobucket runneth over  
You know, I love it when we play Boston.

Sure, we get our asses handed to us with alarming frequency. Always good game, though, because sometimes they bring out the best in the Tigers. Losing to the BoSox never feels like shame, and winning against them is pretty frickin' grand.

Celebratory TigerSpam, featuring Plácido! Because that I-mean-BUSINESS grimace of righteous determination blazing away never gets old. Pretty sure you can see it from space.

Polanco, swinging from the back molars )

Scoring from second, TYVM Carlos )

Teh Sheff swing - Accept no substitutions )

Granderson snagging that out )

Additional Grandy, because how much do I love this one )

Photobucket is being disagreeable, or I'd be spamming harder. Why so mean?
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06 May 2008 @ 08:35 am
Random Links of Stuff  
Because... it's Tuesday? Yeah, I don't know either. I'm 2 episodes behind on Doctor Who and also missed BSG. So - links with no noticible connection. Yay?

- Woman Charged With Killing Pedestrian After Sox-Yankees Dispute - (WMUR)

There's trading trash-talk with other fans, there's scrapping over an ancient baseball rivalry. And then there's running someone down with your car. Oh MY, RL fanpeople! You're making online fandom look like a bastion of sanity.

- Skel-a-mingos Best Mother's Day Present ever, Y/Y?

At least I'm hoping. Poor Mom. I'm sending flowers too! Points for that? Half a point?

- Keith Olbermann, racking up the NewsguyBoyfriend points - (DKos)

And still laughing. Oh, KeithO! Love it so when you're all dead-on funny rant guy.

- Inter-Con Security employees staging a three day strike, aiming to get the National Labor Relations Board to enforce its own laws. - (HuffPo)

- SEIU's coverage at Stand for Security

Union busting, still illegal. It's kinda your JOB to stop it, NLRB.

- Denial Truck - Current fav photo by Sweet Juniper!. Had to share some hometown weirdness.
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02 May 2008 @ 11:05 am
"Pretty neat." - the purple prose of Jim Leyland  
So that was our last ever regular season game at Yankee Stadium.

The last time the Detroit Tigers left Yankee Stadium with a three-game sweep, Al Kaline was playing the outfield and Denny McLain was on the mound.

TigerSpam is, of course, inevitable.

If I was a better person, I would leave this shot out )

But not this one of course )

&Sheff; - Detroit Tiger )

michigangirl30, clearly psychic )

Marcus Thames, Home after knocking in a 2RHR )

Magglio, Tyra Banks says you worked it )

I like you more every game, Jacque Jones )

Goodbye to old Yankee Stadium, you historic and irreplaceable park.

The House That Ruth Built
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30 April 2008 @ 09:20 am
All-Star Game ballot is up  
VOTE! Curtis Granderson.

He's finally on the ballot! Third time's a charm after all.

[info]michigangirl30? Is 'everything' a position? IDK which one to pick in the write-in.
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29 April 2008 @ 01:51 pm
Dangerous with spare change  
Today's Culinary Adventures at the gas station -

Dill pickle sunflower seeds

Seriously delicious. No, seriously.

And nobody is taking me up on my offer to share. I call that a win.
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26 April 2008 @ 07:17 pm
BSG - 'Escape Velocity'  
I liked this one. Could have used more Starbuck and/or Viper space battles, but couldn't everything?

We're not going to talk about the fragile body of Gaius frackin' Baltar )
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25 April 2008 @ 12:28 pm
Happiness is a warm gun  
Okay, it's starting to sink in that we're getting more Sarah Connor Chronicles now.

I saw a link to spoilers!!!

Going to need a SCC newsletter, so I made a feed for [info]judgement_daily from LJ.

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